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July 1st, 2014

Your life will change forever, on July 1 st., 2014.

On this date, July 1st, 2014, U.S. House of Representatives Bill "H.R. 2847 goes into effect. It will usher in the true collapse of the U.S. dollar, and will bankrupt most americans - almost overnight.

In a recent article, Stansberry and Associates investment Research, the largest of its type in the world today, warned its subscribers of the forth coming change to American citizens way of life.

[Stansberry & Associates, founded by Porter Stansberry, has more paid subscribers than most of Americas' top newspapers - including Investers Daily & Barron's]

You may know of their firm because of the work they did over the last several years – helping investors avoid the big disasters associated with Wall Street's collapse.

They warned people to avoid Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, General Motors and dozens of other companies that have since collaps.

They believe there is an even bigger crisis coming - something that will shake the very foundation of our country.

Most people believe the situation in America is getting better.

  •     Stocks have recovered most of their loses.
  •     Real estate is rebouding
  •     Bankrupcies and unemployment are dropping


But here is the fact.

The unfortunate truth is we are actually in a much dangerous state today than we were just a few years ago.

The pending action by our government actually has the potential of bringing our country and our way of life to a sudden stop.

The coming crisis is related to the financial crisis of 2008... but it is infinitely more dangerous.


Before I go any further, I have to warn you...

What I am about to say is very controversial.

It will offend many people... Democrats, Republicans, and Tea Partiers, alike.
Such is life, all of us will offend people at sometime or another in life.
The solution I'm going to present might seem somewhat radical to you.... at first,


skepticism has no effect on reality.


Further, let me say that this is not a put down of the United States - I was born and raised here and I love our country unconditionally. I simply believe that every American needs to realize the true state of affairs the US is facing. Also, this is not an attempt to sell you anything, you will be given suggestions of ways to protect yourself, but what you do with the information is up to you - its your future.


When House of Representatives Bill "H.R. 2847" goes into effect it will virtually  give the government a free licence to steal any of your personal property they want to.


Watch video here


Like all other countries, the USA has been printing its own currency for fifty plus years. In fact the US dollar has served as the world reserve currency for much of that time. All that is about to change because....


    Other countries are moving away from the dollar as a reserve currency
    The dollar is a fiat currency (throughout history fiat currencies  have always failed in time)
    The US government simply prints more useless dollars to pay our foreign debts


As our government produces more and more new dollars,  more countries refuse to accept the dollar to settle accounts owed to other countries. (That's why China is now actively taking steps to phase out the U.S. dollar because of its frustration with the U.S. government's mismanagement of our currency.)


The majority of  Americans have no idea how  close to  collapse our country is because they believe that interest rates are down.

Of course they are,

because the government controls them.


Furthermore, the governments solution is to print trillions more new dollars to pay the interest on our countries current debt - another dead end tactic. Many of the countries around the world are actively phasing out the American dollar as they see the 'writing on the wall',  continued miss management of our finances.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not the fault of any political party - it is simply economics. Flooding the market with useless currency.

The coming collapse was foreseen back in 2011, watch here.


Many believe that the solution is to convert all or most of their assets into gold or silver, as they have historically only went up and have always been acceptable as payment. To a  point that is true, however carrying an ounce of gold or silver is not really practical to most folks. What is practical to an increasing number of people is the use of smaller amounts. Grams rather than ounces, and not backed by any 'currency' - but by the reserves of the actual (certified) metal itself. This option is becoming increasingly popular with those who truly understand economics and the history of fiat currencies (which the US dollar is).


One of the best sources of this option can be found (for free) here.


What tomorrow holds for you & your family's future will very much depend on what preparedness you do today. May your future be bright and most profitable.

You can contact me any time  here.


What are your goals?  Reach  them here - GUARANTEED.


Many will tell you that noone can gaurantee your results with online marketing, and to a point they are correct. Noone but you knows if you have the drive and determination to succeed with an online business. I hear ( and see ) people putting down one business or another everyday, and the majority of the time it is because they joined this or that program and then sit on their butt & wait for the money to roll in. Wake up call folks - THERE ARE NO FREE LUNCHES HERE.

If you want the 5 & 6 figure incomes we have you have to commit yourself to putting forth the effort to reach your dreams & goals. Ther are programs out there that will tell you you can succeed by just joining the ' simple easy program to bring you $500 monthly '. They will  sign you up, collect your payment .......and go on to the next sucker in line.  They make a living and you stay frustrated.


That being said, There is a group offering  a simple 3 step program that not only can get you on the right path to reach those goals you set - and best of all, it's free - that is right, not a cent to join so put away your money & credit card. Free does not mean you can do nothing - you still need to apply yourself - but everything you need to succeed and start earning income online is provided - including step-by-step detailed training.


This group also has some of the most successful marketers online today as members.


If you are ready to finally succeed online & commmited to earninbg an online income, come join us today.

Another awesome message from our leaders & founding fellows.

Episode 7 - Masterminds, Nipple Grabbing & The Association Effect

I just thought that title was hilarious, isn't it?

Over the past couple of days, I've had Dave Sharpe and several other important Empower Network people visiting my house for a week long mastermind.

Together, we've thought up some badass ideas that we're excited to share with you at the Miami event.

Ideas that I couldn't have thought up alone. 

Today I talk about synergy, the power of putting your mind together with other people to drastically multiply your powers and abilities...

...because 2 people's minds put together never output 2 people's thinking abilities; they MULTIPLY.

Watch the video, and pay close attention; because as you pay close attention you may realize something that you've never realized before now.

Something that's going to cause a shift inside.

Also - Dave Sharpe talking about the power of association, and some uncomfortable nipple grabbing (see video).

"Realize and focus on what you're good at, because those are the things that are going to make you successful" - Dave Sharpe.

Leave me your thoughts in the comments below, and answer the question from today's video.

- David Wood

P.S. Because you're on this page reading this blog post, it means that you're the kind of person who likes to mastermind and associate with powerful people. Which means you need to get to the Miami event - tickets in the members area. I'll see you there!

P.P.S. Re-blog this, share it with your list and 'get commissions' when people decide to join us after watching it (+ come back tomorrow for the next video).

- The EN Team

Awesome message and video from our leaders.

Episode 6 - Dave & Dave's Costa Rican Rant

After arriving in Costa Rica for a week-long mastermind, Dave & I decided to get on camera together for the daily video show.

Today's episode is about living your purpose and really, just connecting with people.

As people who are building businesses from home, it's important that we connect with people who empower us.

...because sometimes, when you're building a home business, you can feel like you're doing it alone.

So I want to challenge you to connect with other people.

People with your best intentions in mind, people who challenge you to build something better and push you forward in the direction of your dreams.

The kind of people who are inside Empower Network, the kind of people who attend the events.

Watch the video, let me know what you think in the comments below and come back tomorrow for episode 7.

See you tomorrow,

- Dave Sharpe

P.S. Re-blog this post, share it with your list and 'get commissions' when people decide to join us after watching it. See you tomorrow.


- The EN Team

One day is not enough


Good Day ~

  America has always been the greatest place on earth for any man or women to pusue the dreams of freedom and  the men &  women who make up our great military are the reason we have that freedom.   
That freedom also doesn't come free, and some gave all to insure that we and future generations will always have freedom to live in the greatest nation on earth, and for that we owe them a measure of thanks and honor that we seldom show them but one day out of the year.

As a proud American I think that is a shame, we should all remember those who serve (or have served) to protect our beautiful country and our freedom to be all that we can be.




A tribute to our military from one who will never forget thier sacrifices.



Thank You veterans - yestyerdays,todays & tomorrows.

God Bless The USA.

 Bobby Olson




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